How to Create a Cool Cinemagraph / Cinemagraph on Android

Did you see the status photo or story photo where some parts appear to be moving but others are stationary? so it is said Motion picture. Instead of just being a spectator, how about Motion picture you yourself? Inwepo provides simple tips here.

Cinemagraph actually not much different from photos or images in GIF format. But sometimes GIF images look boring. Draft Motion picture itself, it’s all about bringing still images to life. Generated animation Motion picture different from animated GIFs in general. Where only certain parts move while other parts are still.

It can also be interpreted that the cinemagraph is half photo and half video. With the increasing popularity of social media like Instagram and WhatsApp, many people are now using it Motion picture on WhatsApp Status create and story Instagram. Well if you are interested in doing so Motion picture you alone, follow Tutorialsit down.

Video tutorials:


1. Make sure you already have the Cute Cut Pro application, if not please download first application Cute Cut Pro.

2. Open the app Browser Chrome or something similar then go to the website. You’re welcome Sign up with an FB account, Google, or you can use another email account. Next, enter “GIF” in the search box.

3. Select the appropriate gif image and wait for it to downloadload Perfect. then Tap at the three points in the top left then Tap download the image again.

4. Then open the Cute Cut Pro application Tap symbol plus what’s up to start making Movie or Project next for resolution and orientation Adjust to your own taste.

5. Tap again Plus symbol then select menu photo and select the GIF image we saved from the previous Pinterest site.

6th Tap twice on the photo media, then swipe right to increase the duration. Next Tap again plus symbols.

7th Tap menu music then choose LOCAL MUSIC to add existing music Smartphone She.

8. Set the duration of the music to match the duration of the picture. Cut and delete with symbol Scissors and trash can. then Tap the forwarding icon or export above to save it in the gallery Smartphone.

9. Select the export quality according to your needs and then wait a while for the export process.

This is the tutorial on how to do it Motion picture or Cinogram cool on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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