How to create a circular object to form a circle in CorelDRAW

Corel Draw is a computer program developed by Corel, a software company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. Utility software This is used to create or process vector files. Vector itself has advantages over bitmap images. If the vector file change size it does not lose its resolution or quality. Therefore, it is widely used when working in the field of publishing or printing, or when working in other areas that require a visualization process. Because the results of vector graphics can be printed in the best quality from the printer.

Sometimes to create a picture or a work we need a simple way, but the results are exceptional. Here are tips I use a lot when creating an image. Especially pictures that form a circle.


1. Open the CorelDRAW application on your PC / laptop device.

2. Create a new document file.

3. Create a desired object. It can be in any form, here the author will give an example of a star object.

4th duplicate Then drag the star object down and use the keyboard shortcut to align it with the star at the top C. on the keyboard. the distance between 2 stars is free, as desired.

5. Change the position of the lower star like a reflection with Mirror tool.

6. Open the window Transformhow to click Window – Docker – Transform.

7. Select the 2 stars, then click Turn, to adjust angle. Easy setup angle To make the result symmetrical, use the number of divisions 360. For example 2, 7.5, 15, 30, 45.

8th. Apply duplicate until it forms a circle.

9. Done. Here is an example of another form.

How to create a circle from a circular object in Corel DRAW. This method is very useful and can be applied to a website Project. Hope it’s useful.

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