How to create a child profile on Youtube Kids via PC / laptop

All parents will agree that Youtube Kids is a very kid-friendly video application as there are various settings or functions in the Youtube Kids application that parents can make it convenient for their children to watch videos.

Although it is not 100% safe from negative content, the existence of the Youtube Kids application still helps instead of relying on the usual Youtube application. So, if you have children or younger siblings, it is a good idea to show them Youtube Kids.

Speaking of Youtube Kids, in order to create a child profile, parents usually need to know about it. do Smartphone. However, it turns out that creating a child profile on Youtube Kids can also be done using a PC or laptop. Do you already know how If not, please see the tutorial below.


1. Please go to the link.

2. If so, please click i am parents.

3. Click on next, then enter your year of birth – Submit.

4. You will be treated with a video, please click next when video playback is finished.

5. Click on log in to sign in to your Google account.

6. When it’s done Sign up, you are served Parents consent. Scroll down and click next.

7. Sign in to your Google account again, then please create a child profile – next.

8. Make sure the content settings are appropriate for the age of the child, and then click next.

9. Will appear Turn off search and Turn on search. If you choose Turn off search, then the children cannot search. On the other hand, if you choose Turn on search, children can do searches. You’d better choose Turn off search.

10. Click on nextdid, and the profile creation on Youtube Kids was successful.

11. Now all you have to do is download the Youtube Kids app from YouTube Smartphone.

12. If so, please Sign up Sign in with the Google account you created earlier or register on the web.

13. Done.

This is a guide on how to create a child profile on Youtube Kids using a PC or laptop.

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