How to create a chat bomb spam on WhatsApp iPhone and Android

As users of chat applications like WhatsApp, we of course sometimes want to send a message that looks different than usual. Speaking of unique message views, there are many unique message views that can be viewed in the WhatsApp application. One of them is the boom text message. Boom Text also has another name, Boom Chat.

Before doing this, you must have received a long message with a very long space. Using the same concept, boom text messages are messages that contain words or phrases that can be repeated or repeated. You can display as much text as you want, add supporting symbols like periods or commas, and space between repeated text.

Creating and sending Boom Text Views is also very easy and does not require any additional applications. You can create it directly using a website-based application called PineTools. In addition to creating boom text, this application can be used for other purposes such as sharing pictures, resizing and cropping, and many other purposes. Since this application is website based, you can open this application from any browser available on your device.

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1. Open any browser application on your device; B. Google Chrome and visit the online Repeat text site

2. Scroll to the bottom of the PineTools website, find the text box and enter the message you sent. Then enter the number of repetitions of the message. Select Same Line to create multiple loops of text on one line, or select One per Line to create a loop of text on one line. Add other supporting symbols between loops of text such as spaces, periods, commas, or other symbols. Click button Repeat!.

3. Finally, copy the repeating text you created in PineTools and paste the text into the text field of the WhatsApp application. Besides WhatsApp, you can also send the repeat message to other chat applications. Complete.

Spam bomb chat on WhatsApp 2

4. In addition to adding a supporting symbol to the One Per Line option, you can also add a spacing effect between text as follows.

Spam bomb chat on WhatsApp 3


With just a few steps as above, you can easily create a boom text message. Plus, you don’t need to download any additional apps to compose these messages.

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