How to create a certificate with Canva on Android

Currently, webinars or online seminars are often held from different parts of Indonesia, be it conference events, scientific work competitions, tricks and tips on how to award scholarships, technological developments in the age of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and so on. To prove that this participant has attended a webinar, a digital document, namely a certificate, is required.

In addition, events that smell like competitions, courses or online workshops definitely need a digital document, a so-called certificate, which serves as proof of participation in one of the events.

In addition, the capacity for attendees to attend both webinars and online events is large, even thousands of attendees in one day, and the certificate needs to be issued with a relatively short duration. This can be an obstacle for certificate makers who do not have graphic design skills who can create a certificate display that is worth giving to attendees. To solve this problem, use the Canva application available on the website for desktop, Android and iOS for mobile devices.


Canva is a website service used to create or design a visual display or animation (video) with all functions described as complete, so that even people who are not experts in the multimedia world can work in the form of visual media or videos, regardless of whether they were created by yourself or ATM (Observe, Imitate and Modify). You can also contribute to Canva by showing Canva your work so that your designs can be used by many people.

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Canva already has a lot of visual media or video capabilities so you can create a product or design that suits your needs. For example, you have an event, one of the esports competitions or an intensive IT course in which you create the certificates for the winners and participants of the event. With the Canva app installed on Android, you can easily create your own certificate. For those who don’t have Canva on Android, please download the Canva Android app from the Google Play Store.


1. Open the Canva app on Android.

2. In the Explore section of Canva, swipe right and tap Certificates. Then select the required certificate.

3. Select the certificate template view you want and press Edit.

4. Define the appearance of the design together with the text in the certificate template. Then press the tick symbol.

5. Press the export symbol and select Save as …

6. Choose Print PDF. This is done in order to save the certificate in the form of a digital PDF document, which is useful for printing on paper. Then press Download.

7. Return to the main menu of the Android smartphone and open the file manager application.

8. Open the internal storage – Canva folder – select the certificate that you just saved as a PDF.

9. Done and here are the results.


So you can use the Canva app installed on Android to create your own certificate without any knowledge of multimedia or graphic design. Canva has made it easy to create a product in the form of art and visual media or animation (video) that can produce a design product in a relatively short period of time.

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