How to create a camera watermark on a Realme HP

The author will provide a tutorial on how to create a camera watermark on a Realme phone. This is useful for uploading or posting photo shoots of an image asset using Realme for social media like Facebook, Instagram, freelancer sites like Devianart, Behance, Shutterstock, or creating your own portfolio to apply for photography related jobs. Adding a watermark to your photos can help prevent misuse of the photo without the permission of the photo owner.


1. Open the main menu Smartphone your android.

2. Open the camera app.

3. Tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner.

4. Press Enable watermark.

5. Tap Owner.

6. Enter the owner’s name Watermark, Press the icon return.

7. You will see the owner’s name displayed Watermark, Press return.

8. Press the center button to take a photo with the camera.

9. Here are the results of the portrait photos taken by the camera. Appearance Watermark on camera recordings.


So you can be relieved if your photo shoot is taken by someone else without your permission as the owner of the photo, because Smartphone Realme offers photo-specific features, namely: Watermarkso you don’t need an additional application to create a watermark on your photo work.

Therefore. How to do Watermark Camera on a Realme phone. Much luck.

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