How to Create a Button Icon Using Font Awesome

Nowadays, any person or team building some technology in the form of a web-based application, the look of the design of a website is certainly very important, especially since this website is used by a large number of users.user) for specific purposes or needs, such as websites applying for scholarships, ordering a product, etc.

You will think about how to add elements to symbols object certain how the button Submit, Alert messages or just create an icon on your website without using it image or pictures instead of using font Symbol material known as Great fonts.

You can create a button or buttons with icons, pictures or symbols without entering the picture file first, just use Great fonts only. The author created this tutorial without the CSS markup language to see the actual results.

How to create a button symbol with Great fonts.


1. Please open Text editor like Notepad ++, Sublime, Visual Code, etc.

2. Please enter the script code below.

 Membuat Ikon Button dengan Font Awesome 

Membuat Ikon Button dengan Font Awesome

3. Save the result of the script code by pressing CTRL + S.

4. Choose a location according to your needs, name it “icon-button-awesome.html”.

5. Click on Save on computer.

6. Find the previous file, then Right click on Mouse – open with – web browser app (Chrome or Mozilla). Here are the results.

This is how you can embellish the symbols too button using the CSS markup language to make your website more attractive.

Remarks: You don’t have to look for a search image to insert it object, just use the font ingenious, then search Object tag element to be decorated.

In the script code font Fantastic underneath.

Fonts Fantastic This is what adds the symbols object how Buttons, text fields, Logos etc. without additional images just enter the script code in the “Elements” section.

This is the tutorial for creating symbols button with font Fantastic. Much luck.

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