How to create a business card on Android

In today’s modern times, business card manufacturing no longer needs to be printed. With the passage of time and the development of technology, it is now a business card in the form of a Digital has become a trend in itself. How to make a business card Digital by Smartphone which can also be printed.

For a businessman or entrepreneur Professional Business cards are certainly something to own and prioritize. Because in fact, a business card usually turns into a personally Trademark for someone in the business world.

Making business cards is no longer as complicated as it used to be, not to mention the fact that due to the development of technology, business cards do not have to be printed but can be in the form of cards Digital only. Well, for those of you who might be interested in making your own business card design, either in print or digital, here is how to make it.

Video tutorials:


1. Download and To install use editor to create a business card that is business card maker.

2. If youTo install properly on the smartphone then open the Business Card Maker application Tap Plus symbol or CREATE to instantly create a business card design.

3. Choose templates or background Your business card, you just have to choose different ones background which is provided below Project.

4th Tap Plus symbol and 2 lines in the lower left corner to open more menu options.


MANAGEMENT : Menu for adding a line.

TEXT : Menu for adding text or sentences.

SYMBOL : Menu to add icons like icons for facebook, phone, email, etc.

LOGO : Menu to add a logo to the design you have created.

5. Use the menu on the right when editing text. use TURN to rotate the text you have created and SIZE to set the text size.

6. Next, use the menu TEXT that’s next to the menu ADJUST to define the shape of the text and also the color to be used.

7. As for editing text with a menu ADJUST and COLOUR to set the size and color of the logo you want to use.

8. To set the thickness and short length of the line, use the X & Y menu.

9. If everything fits you Tap Down arrow icon in the top corner to start saving.

10. Last selection EXPORT TO GALLERY to save it in the gallery Smartphone She.

It’s that easy to create a business card design on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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