How to create a bubble chat for all apps

Possible for users Facebook delivery boy already familiar with bladder Chat or pending notifications found on Facebook delivery boy.

bladder Chat

bladder Chat This can make it easier for us when we want to open and reply to messages sent to us. Well, it turns out it’s not just in Facebook delivery boy, now you can feel or use it bladder Chat on all the applications installed on your smartphone such as Instagram, BBM, WhatsApp and LINE.

Yes, of course this method is supported by an application that you can use download in the playstore. Previously, your notifications were limited to banners only, now they can float on the screen like the ones Facebook delivery boy. That will surely do too Smartphone you look different from the others. Follow the steps below.

How to create bubble chat or floating notifications for all apps

1. Install the Direct Chat application for Android.

Download direct chat

2. You will be taken to the settings menu for the first time Notification Access Permission Then select DirectChat, then select Allow.

3. To add an application, all you have to do is select it from the application menu, then select it add more , then just select which application you want to display bladderhis or her pending notification.

4. Done, it looks a lot like bladder Chat heard Facebook Message.

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