How to Create a Broadcast Damage Effect with KineMaster

For you viewers Youtube, maybe you’ve seen, or even seen, a clip showing a color screen like a broken tv show on a vlog. Or you could say the snippet is a form skip or pause a video.

Judging by the meaning word for word transfer damage can harm a show. Yes, more or less. And maybe for those of you who don’t know how to add this effect to a video, you don’t need to worry. In this day and age where Smartphone lots of mushrooms, you can use it without tools Laptop and other. So you can learn to apply this effect to videos or Vlogs that you made. All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Download use KineMaster Pro

And first of all you open minded. then Push button Add project as well as Screen ratio what you want

2. On the application’s home screen Add media like videos with Tap the media menu button and find the video you want to edit.

3rd Select menu layer, then Expanse go to paste Effects.

4. Search and Select Effects broadcast damage from a number of existing effects. If it’s not available, you can download it from the menu get more or shop that’s at the bottom of the line effect the.

5. After pasting Set position effect it, and don’t forget Add audio the effect. The right sound for a broken broadcast. How to tap the audio menu, then Select SFX assets. If you haven’t Sound effect, You can download it like downloading it effect before.

6. When you are finished, save it as in the last step gallery. The method Tap Share symbol left, then press the button export and wait a while.

These are the stages. Much luck.

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