How to create a branded short domain on

Have you all heard ? is an online service that makes long URLs short. (Example: – The link is getting shorter and shorter, isn’t it? Do you want to make it too? Let’s follow Tutorials underneath.

Terms & amp; Conditions:

  • domain What do you want.


1. Visit the website

2. Sign in / Sign up just like any other website.

3. Then we entered the main page snappy.

4. Select menu settings that’s in the top right corner.

Select Settings.

5.Tap on ‘Advanced settings’.

6. Select ‘Branded short domains‘.

7. Click on ‘Add branded domain‘.

8. Change the DNS A record of your domain to and

9. Sign in to host where do you buy / rent domain.

10. Back to the page, Insertion domain you in the column ‘Brand short domains “.

Wait a moment for the verification process to complete.

11. Try to do Bitlinks, sure automatically short domain you turn into domain your personal.

This is my tutorial, hopefully it will be useful and forget about the downloadshare tutorials this to your close friend.

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