How to create a bokeh photo effect in Photoshop

In the age of social media as it is today, there are many people competing to show different moments, such as on vacation, in the form of photos uploaded to their personal social media. Of course, the photos you upload have to be the most beautiful and interesting photos to look at. One of the most popular photo themes is photos bokeh or photos with blurry or familiar backgrounds blur. This photo technique can be easily done with DSLR cameras that have certain lens specifications and some too Smartphone equipped with a special lens.

For everyone who wants to have photos bokeh but don’t have a DSLR camera with these features, don’t worry, you can even do it with just one camera Smartphone You can too, and of course with the help of Adobe Photoshop. Here is a guide on how to take a photo bokeh with Adobe Photoshop:


1. Prepare the photo you want to create an effect with bokeh and open it in Adobe Photoshop (all versions can).

2. Continue in section layers in the lower right corner, duplicate “Background” layers by pressing “CTRL + J”, it is formed layers new by name “Layer 1”.

3. One layers 1, make the selection to the object to be focused with Selection tools available and refine the selection results with click choose Correct edgesalign the selection area with Brush tool click OK.

4. Once perfectly selected, duplicate layers 1 by pressing “CTRL + J” then it will arise “Layer 2” where on layers it is just a selection result object.

5. Then click layers 1 click to edit and choose To fill, then a dialog box will appear.

6th Complete the dialog box according to the settings below and click OK.

7. Then turn it off temporarily Layer 2 with click the eye icon.

8. Back click Layer 1, then you only get one picture background without object as below.

9. Next, refine the given part To fill with click Area repair tool in the side menu, then Brush in the area that looks less smooth.

10. Once the image is smooth enough, reactivate layers 2 then the lost object comes back and click again Layer 1.

11. A menu filter, Select Blur Tilt-shift blur click on the photo section.

12. Set distance blur by moving the appearing line and Score blur.

13. When it feels perfect, click OK.

This is a tutorial on creating a bokeh photo effect in Photoshop. Hope it’s useful.

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