How to create a Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin wallet is an account that is used to store funds, buy and sell your bitcoins. There are several advantages that VIP Bitcoin has, namely that it Live currency So you can directly monitor the growth of Bitcoin. Then VIP also serves purchases and withdraws your rupiah through a local bank, which makes transactions easier. How to create a Bitcoin wallet account:

1. Open the page, it looks like this.

2. Then click to register The registration form appears in the upper right corner.

3. Complete it according to your information, if you have done it, click the box next to the words “I am not a robot”.

4. Do it according to the existing orders.

5. If so, click the Continue Registration button in the lower right corner.

If no errors occurred while entering data, the following screen appears.

6. Congratulations, you have successfully registered, now you should see inbox Your email and confirm your email.

7. Then back to the side Sign up VIP bitcoin, please Sign up also use e-mail password according to the data in your previous registration. If it works Sign up then it goes to the side Dashboards.

If it works Sign up, you can carry out various existing transactions.

Like buying bitcoin, selling bitcoin, withdrawing money, etc. In the spot market area, you can see the growth of bitcoin directly and communicate with other users in the chat area.

Complete. How to create a Bitcoin wallet.

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