How to create a banner with Photoshop

Banners are indeed information for their readers. Banners are usually in the shape of a flag with an elongated shape and size, inside the banner itself there is always a slogan, logo or other conveyed message displayed.

After yesterday’s Dedication Day commemoration and before the Dedication of Youth commemoration, many asked to create banners, so Inwepo will provide a guide here on how to easily create banners with Photoshop. Actually, creating a banner in Photoshop is very easy as long as we have a lot of creativity to make the banner look attractive.

Here is a tutorial on creating a banner that Inwepo provides with Photoshop:

The first step :

Open the Photoshop application and Click on File> New, and adjust the desired size of the banner to be created.

Second step:

Then flush with Paint bucket tool with the color you want.

Third step :

use Eclipse tools with different colors, with creations according to our wishes.

Fourth step:

Enter the text we will create in the banner.

Fifth step:

Also add a picture from the left to complete it. You can also use other fonts depending on the creativity we have to make the banner more attractive.

Sixth step:

If you also want the right image to be balanced when the left box uses an image, it would be better if the right one also uses an image, and vice versa, if the left box uses text, the right box uses font.

And finished the banner we made to our liking. The following is the result of the banner that Inwepo created.

Hopefully this banner making tutorial will be useful for those looking for banner making tutorials for their particular needs.

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