How to Create a 3D Text Effect Without Photoshop

You usually need Photoshop help creating text effects that look like metal, ice, gold to flint. So we need to install the Photoshop software and learn the techniques to create the text effect.

But everything has changed in today’s internet era. With the latest browsers such as Google Chrome or FireFox, we can create various 3D text effects that look spectacular in a matter of seconds.

Not only are we faster, but we also don’t have to install any software as all processes are carried out by this text effects service provider’s website server. How to create a 3D text effect without Photoshop.


1. Make sure that you have a good internet connection, then go to with the latest browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

2. Enter the text you want on this website.

3. At the bottom of the text entry field you can choose the color and font you want to use. It’s worth noting, however, that some text effects don’t matter what color you choose. Examples like fire and gold effects.

4. You can then select the desired effect. In this example the author selects the “Lava” effect, clicks the triangular box to select the “Lava” effect.use the effect.

5. Wait a while for the effects creation to finish. This website is displayed preview the effect. On this page you can also choose background for the text effect.

6. To save this text effect image, click “Standard quality transparent

In the dialog box that appears, choose where to save the image.

7. You now have the text effect image file in .png format background transparent.

8. You can also download files background by clicking the button “Standard with background

If you want the text effect in better quality and resolution, please register as a member of and pay a monthly fee of US $ 5 or about 70,000 rupiah.

This is a tutorial on creating a 3D text effect without Photoshop. Much luck.

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