How to create a 3D text effect in Photoshop

Although the Adobe Photoshop application is an application designed only for 2-dimensional objects, it turns out that the Photoshop application can also use 3-dimensional objects, but not as much as 3D applications. object in general. The use of 3D objects in Photoshop can only be applied to the text.

Adobe Photoshop supported a feature to use 3D objects, but only for layers The plain text and the arrangement of the 3D objects are not too much but enough for this Photoshop application where you can change the color of the object, even if it’s just one color, and rotate 360 ​​degrees in all directions perform and such, here is the tutorial.


1. You open the Adobe Photoshop application.

2. Then you are import / open minded the picture you want to edit to your Photoshop worksheet, or you can create a blank worksheet by clicking the menu File – New – Create.

3. When the worksheet is ready, click Text tool Make 1 Text layers.

4. You type the word you want trying not to be too long and when the text is ready just hit the button 3D which is located above the screen.

5. When you see a notification as shown in the image below, just click on it YES SIR.

6. Here you have to adjust the appearance of your 3D text in relation to the rotation, angle Front and others in the menu marked with a red box in the image below.

7. When you’re done, you change it Info tab You are from 3d Workplace to Essential.

8. Done.

Remarks: You can only use 1 color in this three dimensional text effect and it is recommended to use a light color to make your 3D text clearer. The 3D text has automatically installed a shadow that can be adjusted in the 6th stage.

so many tutorials on creating a 3d text effect in photoshop hopefully useful.

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