How to create a 3D dispersion effect on photos on Android

Creating dispersion effects is just getting easier. Without bothering us with using it software like a pc or computer, we can also create a good 3D dispersion effect with just one tap. How one? Come on, read the full review below.

Cell phones that we generally know have one main function, which is remote communication. Whether for phone calls or text messages. But over time, modern cell phones have become too Smartphone which has various functions that we use and can rely on in our daily life. Not just to communicate, but we can use it too Smartphone for process editing as well as other activities.

Speaking of which editing When it comes to pictures or photos, there is a very popular effect on social media, namely the scatter effect. Dispersion itself is an effect that makes objects or images appear flaky. Creating an effect like this dispersion is quite difficult, in fact, if you are not using it software Photoshop class. But the reality is that it is armed with a cell phone Smartphone In our hands we can also create a no less interesting dispersion effect.

For that Tutorials This time inwepo will show how to easily create a 3D dispersion effect, just once Tap only. Curious how? Let’s look at the following steps.

Video tutorials


1. In the first step, make sure you have downloaded and downloadedTo install first the Pixel Effects app.

2. In the second step, you will be asked to give the application direct access authorization Tap just allow menu. Then right away Tap the icon the camera on the left. Next Tap the icon Camera again to add a photo directly with the camera Smartphone or you can listen too Tap the image icon to add a photo from the gallery Smartphone She.

3. The third step will show 2 menu options after the photo is added. Just select the Template menu. Next, you can select the 2D or 3D menu to add a dispersion effect.

4. Step four, go ahead Tap Color menu to change the background color of the dispersion effect. When you feel like you have everything you can Tap the checklist above and add other effects and add stickers as well. If everything is enough Tap the hard drive icon above to save changes to the gallery Smartphone.

So the tutorial on how to create a 3D dispersion effect on photos on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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