How to create 3D text with Snapseed

Smartphone is one of the objects that has become a necessity for the global community today. Don’t just communicate Smartphone This increasingly sophisticated development can add mobility to jobs that we can normally only do with a laptop or computer.

One of the jobs we can work with Smartphone we are now working in the editorial and design departments, for example. good picture, Videos, and sound. In this tutorial, we will explain a tutorial on how to edit text with 3D effects using the Snapseed application. Snapseed itself is an image editing application that offers various functions with an easy to use interface for users.


1. In the first step, open the Snapseed application on Android. If it is not there, please download it from the Playstore first. Also, prepare a picture that will be used as a background. In this tutorial, the author downloads the background on the website

2. Then click Open and select an image background.

3. Before editing text, we can edit the background like turn, harvest, Give effects and others that can be found in the menu Tools.

4. Next click Tools and choose text.

Double Click on the image and enter the text you want, set style (here we will use Style line 1) and the corresponding color. Also determine the location and size of the small ones text. If so, click Review.

5. Click on Edit batch on the options at the top of the picture and click on Show changes.

6. Then click text and brush.

7th Zooming Screen for simplification and brush for creating 3D effects text. Make sure the settings before brushing are the same as below, namely by showing invert, shrink text to zero and hide mask.

8th. brush Part letter by letter as in the following example. And because we use background Sheet, brush made as if the leaves covered the letters. After that, if you have clicked on the checklist.

9. If an error occurs in the process brush we can show that mask and Enlarge text up to 100. Then you brush the wrong part as if it is crossed out.

10. Select the checklist when you feel like it text it was neat and met our needs. Then when we have created a text, repeat the same steps.

11. When you are done, select again and click export to save the result.

Then the end result looks like this ..

Pretty simple and easy, right?

Well, I hope this tutorial is useful and provides some insight into how to edit effectively. Thanks very much!

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