How to create 3D frames in PicsArt

You can easily add various effects and animations to your favorite photos using the PicsArt application. However, this time we will try to show 3D frames in photos. How to do … It’s not difficult, you just have to follow these few simple steps:


1. Prepare a photo of the subject and the photo frame in advance. You can use a variety of frames, but this time I’m using a Polaroid frame which you can download from here.

Download Polaroid frame

2. Open the PicsArt application.

3. Select ‘To edit‘- Find the photo of the object you want to edit – click on’Add to‘.

4. Select ‘effect‘.

Choose ‘FX‘-‘MR‘- Reduce the value spray out up to 25 – click the check mark.

5. Insert the picture frame by typing ‘add a picture‘- search picture frame – click’Add to‘.

6. Agar background the black disappears in the picture frame, select ‘Combine‘-‘screen‘. Zoom in and rotate the photo frame as needed.

7. To make it easier to create a 3-D effect, reduce the Opacity value to 61. Then selecteraser‘.

8. To create a 3D effect, delete some parts of the frame to make it look 3D.

You can repair accidentally deleted frames withTurning back‘. Click the check mark when you’re done.

9. Increase the opacity value back to 100. Click the check mark.

10. Finally, we add text to the frame. Choose ‘text‘.

Write the text and click the check mark.

11. Select ‘Fonts‘- Select the text font.

Choose ‘colour‘- Select the text color.

12. Adjust the text size and position of the text. Place the text on the polaroid frame. Click the check mark.

13. Click the check mark, then the arrow and you’re done. Now your photo is ready forshare to social media.

It’s that simple, isn’t it. This is the tutorial ‘How to make a 3D frame in PicsArt’. Much luck.

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