How to create 360 ​​photos for all social media

With the development of technology virtual reality and thanks to the presence of Google Cardboard, 360-degree photos and videos are also becoming increasingly popular. To the Internet users Anyone who likes to play social media, whether Facebook or YouTube, must be familiar with the presence of 360-degree photo or video content.

With 360 degree videos and photos, we can feel a new experience in viewing photo and video content. Unlike ordinary photos and videos, 360-degree content can be rotated 360 degrees. So we can enjoy every corner by sliding left, right, up and down.

Speaking of 360 degree content, in this tutorial I am going to share how to make 360 ​​photos available for viewing share to various social media. The method is very simple, but first make sure of that first Smartphone used already supported gyroscope. If the conditions are met, please follow the tutorial below:

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1. Please To install first application Google cardboard camera.

Download the Cardboard Camera for Android

Download Cardboard Camera iOS

2. Open the Cardboard Camera App and Tap symbol Camera image start to use. Assure yourself Grant access authorization for the first time with Cardboard Camera.

Next Tap the icon Clasp in the middle to start taking pictures. You can also save the ambient sound or switch it off with Tap the icon Wave to the right of the trigger.

3.Swipe camera Smartphone Right until the arrow reaches the end. Then wait a while until the photo is still blurry in the editing state.

4. When the photo process is complete Tap on the photo so over Tap the icon Share or share to share with various social media you have such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE Instagram, Twitter and so on.

How to create 360 ​​photos on Android and iOS to share on all social media.

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