How to copy / transfer files from MacBook to Nox emulator

Nox App Player is an Android emulator that runs on Windows and Mac OS operating systems on PCs / laptops. The Nox emulator is used for Android users who want to try out or Games via a PC / laptop computer without using a smartphone.

Nox App Player is a free Android emulatorFor Nox users on the Windows operating system, moving files or copying files from a PC to Nox is usually very easy, simply by dragging a file such as an APK onto the Nox emulator, then the file will go straight to it Nox copied. but differs from Nox users on macOS in that they cannot directly drag APK files or data.

Hence, this tutorial has been created to make it easier for Nox users on Mac OS, so that Nox users on Mac will understand and know how to /Copy Files like APK, OBB, etc. into the Nox emulator under Mac OS.

This is a way to copy and share Files or folders from Nox to Mac or from Mac to Nox. Check out the tutorial below.

1. Open Finder windowHome – go to the folder / Library / Application Support / Nox App Player / Nox Share /

2. There are 3 folders in the Nox shared folder, namely: Apps, pictures and more. If not, please manually create a folder with the same name.

3. Next please Copy/ Transfer the files that you want to store in Nox in the app folder.

4. When you have placed the file in the app folder, open the Nox application on your Mac.

5. Install the ES File Exploler application from the Play Store already installed on Nox, run Es File Exploler, then go to Internal memory then to the folder / mnt / shared / app /

6. In the folder / mnt / shared / app There will be a file that you did earlier copy / transfer from Mac.

done. Congratulations, you can now move files from Mac to Nox App Player.

To move files from Nox to MacBook the method is the same, namely you need to copy the files from the Es File Exploler application to the app or picture or other folder.

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