How to copy song CDs to a PC / laptop

CD (Compact Disc) is a tool for storing digital data, but with the increasingly sophisticated age of technology, CDs or DVDs are rarely used and replaced by flash drives, portable hard drives and cloud storage for movies or songs. In order not to disturb the playback of CDs, the song data must first be copied to a PC / laptop.

You may have memories of old songs that you want to copy to your PC / laptop to play, but you don’t know how to move songs from a CD into a laptop / PC or a flash drive. Take a look at the method below.

Tools and materials required:

  • CD (Compact disc) which contains the song you want to move
  • Laptop / pc
  • Windows Media Player


1. Insert the CD you want to copy to CD-ROM.

2. When you are finished, open Windows Explorer / My Computer. (Usually there are Autostart open directly to Windows Media Player).

3. Please click on your CD holder to open the CD.

4. Open with Windows Media Player (Right click on CD then press play).

5. Click the section Rip CD if you want to move it right away without doing it editing on audio format or quality.

6. If you want to hire something again, you can enforce it Rip settings. You can arrange Audio format You want, or you can also set the desired audio quality via Rip settings.


Results after you Ribs (The term for Rip CD) then you will see the results in Libraries – music. There are results from several authors Rip CDs.

A couple of tutorials on moving / copying songs from a CD to a laptop, hopefully it will be useful for those in need.

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