How to Convince People We Love

  the next step is to go to the girl who will be our shot How to convince the people we love

Here’s how friends shoot you accurately.
prepare the following materials
1. Prepare the candy.
yes, yummy friends, for example. fox; kisses too.
2. take the stone
free mo big / small. important stone.

after preparing the ingredients above. The next step is to find the girl who will be our shot. this is how

cwo: “hey….”
CWE: Is there anything? how come it’s not normal?
cwo: like this… we’ve known each other for a long time, isn’t there anything special?
CWE: What do you mean????
cwo: here….

do i like you? please answer now
if you like me please deh… eat this candy.
But if you don’t like me…
eat this pebble

which one do you choose???

is it clear? Cwe definitely choose to eat candy!!
Do you really want to eat pebbles?

(Just por aja….. don’t take it to heart)

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