How to Convert Word Files to Pictures

MS. Word is a software designed to create a document to make someone’s job easier, e.g. B. Students, college students, office workers and others.

software This is usually used to make their job easier. MS. Word came out with many versions, such as Ms. Word 2003, 2006, 2010, 2022 and most recently 2022.

To shape. Word 2022 and later allows you to convert your worksheet to PDF without using a third-party application.

Aside from switching Mrs. Word to PDF, you can also use Ms. Word to image, for example JPG. How to change files or convert files Word to picture / JPG.

How to Convert Word Files to Pictures

1. Open the Word-to-JPG site in Browser She.


2. Then you click on the button Upload and select the Ms. Word file that you want to convert to an image format.

3. Wait for the process Upload and the conversion process performed by the website, if so then the button Loading becomes a button Downloads – click button download the.

4. Open the downloaded .zip file and extract into the desired folder – the contents of the .zip file are images where 1 image is 1 page, for example as in the image below.

5. Done.

Remarks : The more pages you have in your worksheet, the more pictures there are and the longer the process will take Upload & Conversion process.

That’s how it is done convert files Words in pictures. much luck

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