How to convert website content to PDF

For you Internet Explorer, maybe you saw a unique article and really wanted to save the article, but the website could not be copied? What, it’s confusing.

In addition to copying the article, you can also save the article as a PDF document. This way it makes us easier, faster and can of course be opened offline from Gadgets We.


1. Open website

2. Then search website you want to save, for example this article

3. Copy and paste the website link it’s closed Web2PDF website then click the button “Convert to PDF”.


4. Wait approx. 1 minute for the process (depending on your internet connection).


5. If so, please click “Download PDF”.


Complete. The results are as follows:



You can also move the PDF file to Google Drive, but for this tutorial only save the tutorial on your laptop or Smartphone We. The results of the PDF are very satisfactory in my opinion, but can be seen in Smartphone A 4-inch screen is still missing.

For those of you who don’t have the PDF Reader application, you can use Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, or other browsers. For very satisfactory results with many functions you can use the Foxit reader.
You can download it for free at website (for PC computers)


Thanks very much.

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