How to Convert Videos to Other Formats with Wondershare Video Converter

Convert or conversion means a change from one system of knowledge to another, a change in ownership of an object, land, etc., or a change from one form (form, etc.) to another.

In terms of organizing files, convert means changing the file format from one format to another. to-convert files are done for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is to adjust the file format to the ability or capacity of the recipient of the file.

In this case, we will do converting video files. to-convert video can be done because the video format does not match the video format accepted by the video player application, so the video cannot be played.

In this discussion, I will use an application converting very easy and fast to use, Wondershare Video Converter. Come on, see the steps convert videos to other formats.

How to Convert Videos to Other Formats with Wondershare Video Converter

You can get the Wondershare Video Converter application for free free with trial on site this. Not only can do converting, this application can also edit videos such as cutting, adding subtitles, and others. In fact, beyond that this application has features streaming videos to your TV set, do burning, transfer videos, and so on.

In this tutorial I use the Wondershare Video Converter Pro version 9.0.2 application. to convert my video files with MP4 format into MOV. As for the steps to do converting videos with Wondershare Video Converter include the following.

1. Open the Wondershare Video Converter application. Click button Add files to make-upload videos.

How to Convert Videos to Other Formats

2. Next, you will be automatically directed to the directory window. Select the video file you want convert. Then press the button Open.

select video that you want to convert

3. In the chart on the right, click dropdown MP4 Video on Output Format.

How to Convert Videos to Other Formats

4. Then, various types of formats appear that you can choose from. You can search for more various types of formats through the tab menu Format. However, here I have found the format I want to use on the Favorites tab, so I no longer look for it on the Format tab.

Select the video file format you want by clicking on the format type.

select the new format

5. On this page, the Output Format chart has been changed to MOV. The next step, click the . button Convert to start cover your video format.

click convert button

6. Wait a while until the process converting done. When finished, the display will look like the image below. Video has been successfullyconvert by displaying status Finished. To see the result video converting you, click the button Open folder on the chart notifications.

How to Convert Videos to Other Formats

7. Then, your directory window will automatically open. You will be immediately directed to the location of the resulting video converting. In the image below, the video format has been successfully changed to .mov.

video with new file format

Well, the video was successfullyconvert and you can enjoy your latest video format.

The Wondershare Video Converter application is not only fixated on one video, but can be more. you canupload multiple videos at once toconvert-it to the format you want.

A few steps toconvert videos using the Wondershare Video Converter application. Now, you will easily and quicklyconvert video, change to the video format you want. For feedback and suggestions, you can do it by filling in the comments field below. As long as you try and good luck. Thank you.