How to convert purchase receipts into cash or credit

Along with the development of technology, which is so fast, new applications emerge modern with their own functions. There is an application called DuitinAja that is unique in that it can convert receipts or bills into cash or credit.

So if you like to shop. It is best not to throw away the receipt or receipt, but instead keep it or collect it as you can exchange it for money or credit.

The following are the steps to convert purchase receipts / receipts into cash or credit.

Info: This tutorial can no longer be used. Because the DuitAja service was closed.

1. Ask yourself first download App in Load game What name is Money, yes in the playstore.

2. Next you have to Sign up first open this application, suggestions Sign up Use a FaceBook account to make it even faster.

3. If you are already logged in to the main page, then select to convert the receipt or purchase receipt into cash tab money, then please select Shopping.

4. In the next step, please take or download a photo scan Your receipt or purchase receipt with the camera Smartphone.

5. After the scan Photo of the purchase receipt, the receipt is checked by the DuitinAja application system, whether the receipt passes the verification or not.

When reception is successfully verified, a successful check mark will appear as shown below.

6. Indeed the reward is very small, only RP 125, but keep in mind that your purchase receipts are usually rewarded differently by the DuitinAja application.

7. To change money or credit, please select account She. select next Exchange cashback.

8. In this menu you will see various prizes that you can exchange for cash or credit withdrawals. Each cash withdrawal must be at least RP 53,000, while you must collect at least RP 28,000 to exchange funds. RP 3,000 is charged for administration fees.

Complete. How to convert a purchase receipt into cash or credit

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