How to convert profile photos into profile videos in Telegram

Are you an active user of the Telegram chat application? Do you often feel bored of showing up Telegram profile photos that are just like that? If so, how do you change your Telegram profile photo to profile video, you know. So far, both chat applications and social media applications have only shown profiles with a photo. However, in the Telegram application you can view a profile with a photo or with a video. So it can be said that Telegram is the first application that can display videos on profiles. Very interesting, isn’t it?

Profile videos on Telegram

Profile photo of the telegram account? It’s normal then what about profile videos for Telegram accounts? To turn a video into a profile, you don’t need a Telegram bot or additional applications to be downloaded from the Play Store first, as this feature is a built-in feature straight from the Telegram application.

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The profile video only has a maximum video duration of 6 seconds. So choose the video scene you want to view. In addition to videos, Telegram users can also incorporate animated GIFs. After the video is successfully used as a profile video, the video will not emit any sound at all so it will not interfere with your activities or other users while using the Telegram application.


1. Simply open the Telegram application and click the three line icon to open the account settings. In Account Settings, click Profile Photo.

How to convert profile photos to profile videos on Telegram

2. Click the camera icon in the lower right next to the profile photo to open the photo and video gallery on your device. Click the camera to create a new video, or browse and select an existing video from the device gallery.

How to convert profile photos to profile videos on Telegram

3. Note that the maximum duration of the video profile is only 6 seconds. So choose which part of the scene from the video you want to use as your profile.

4. After you have selected the video, choose which part of the video you want to display. To improve the appearance of the video profile, Telegram also offers video editing features.

5. Edit your profile video to suit your needs and click the check mark when you have finished setting the video profile display. Don’t wait long, the video will become your Telegram account profile.

How to convert profile photos to profile videos on Telegram


As a chat application, Telegram continues to surprise its users with the various features and bots it includes. As users of the Telegram application, we can already display videos on our Telegram account profiles quickly and easily.

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