How to convert picture to text on Xiaomi Mobile

Xiaomi, as a supplier of mobile phones and electronic goods, especially mobile devices, has a built-in application that contains various functions that are very useful for its users. One of the standard uses that this article covers is scanner. use scanner what is on Smartphone Xiaomi has features that can make the work of users easier to scan Documents up to to scan Writing / text on images that we can process into general texts.

How to convert an image to text Smartphone Xiaomi.


1. Open the scanner / scanner application provided on the Xiaomi device. We can find related applications through the application page or the phone settings.

2. After entering the appropriate application, select opportunity Document Then select the gallery icon in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Select the picture you want to convert into text. Then adjust the position of the image to be processed according to the column in the corresponding application.

When it’s enabled, click the check mark in the lower right corner of the application.

Remarks: Make sure the photos are clearly visible and the text is visible. Also, make sure the writing we are going to be photographing is in the form of a computerized font (read: font) and not handwritten.

4. To convert the picture into text, choose OCR option which is at the end of the application. Later we will move to the expanded page to see the text results.

5. The text results are displayed immediately. You can save related text results by copying them to the note-taking application or using another application.

Remarks: Text recording results may not be as desired if they are influenced by recording pictures or text on pictures that are not too visible.

This is the tutorial on how to convert pictures to text on Xiaomi phones. Hope it’s useful.

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