How to convert photos to PDF for sharing on another iPhone

PDF (Portable document format) is a file format developed by Adobe Systems in 1993 for the exchange of digital documents. The PDF format is used to represent two-dimensional documents that contain text, letters, images, and two-dimensional vector graphics. Acrobat 3D’s PDF capabilities include reading three-dimensional documents. PDF has been the ISO standard since July 1, 2008 with the code ISO 32000-1: 2008.

PDF document interfaces generally consist of a combination of text, vector graphics, and raster graphics. Vector graphics are used to show illustrations made up of lines and curves, while raster graphics are used to show photos and images. In subsequent format improvements, PDF documents can also support hyperlinks, forms, Javascript and various other functions that can be supported by adding plugins. Version 1.6 PDF documents already have the option of displaying interactive three-dimensional graphics.

Converting photos in JPG format to PDF photo formats on iPhone is rarely done. Converting photos to PDF format is aimed at compatibility, for example for work purposes or other things. The trick that I am going to show you is very rarely known because this trick uses a function that is not intended to be used to format a file. Immediately after the tutorial.

How to Convert Photos to PDF to Share on Other iPhones

1. Open the Photos app Select the photo that you want to convert to PDF format.

2. Tap stud share Tap To press.

3rd Zoom in photo Tap stud Share.

4th Tap E-mail Please send photo files to friends or family.

Note: You can see in the subject menu that the photo format has changed in PDF.

5. The recipient will immediately receive a photo file in PDF format.

So, how to convert photos to PDF for sharing on other iPhones, hopefully it will be useful.

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