How to convert Excel files to Word

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet-based application Spreadsheet created by the famous Microsoft company Group which can run on Android, Windows, and Mac OS operating systems. Microsoft Excel is an automatic data processing application that can take the form of basic calculations, formulas, use of functions, data processing and tables, graphs, data management creation, and others.

Microsoft Excel has many and varied formulas such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. Microsoft Excel is part of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is the main package of a collection of Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Excel. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Powerpoint, Ms. Publishers and so on.

Behind the many Microsoft applications, all of these applications are interrelated, such as: Excel to Mrs Words.

How to convert Excel files to Word

1. Visit the site (

2. Then you click on the button From the computer or From the computer.

3. Then look for the Ms. Excel file that you put in a Ms. Words.

4. Then don’t forget to change the conversion extension as shown in the picture below, namely to .DOCX then you click the button change or Convert.

5. Then wait for the process Upload and convert.

6. When it is ready, please load the Ms. the word by clicking the button download or downloads.

7. Done.

Note: the results obtained will not be 100% perfect.

How to convert an Excel file to Word online without any application. much luck

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