How to convert documents to PDF in Microsoft Word 2022

Have you ever needed a PDF document for certain purposes? But what if Files originally created in Microsoft Word? Now you don’t have to bother to use software do-Convert Your Word file into a PDF. In Microsoft Office 2010 and 2022, you can Convert document Word / Excel / Presentation directly into PDF format, without To install However. Follow Inwepo’s tutorial on converting documents to PDF in Microsoft Word 2022 below:

Save as

When saving the document, select “Save as“And first look for the purpose of saving the document.


Change file type in PDF

When the window opens “Save as” appears, you have to change the selection in the field “Save as” to PDF. Scroll down to find the PDF format.


click “Save on computer” then the document is saved as a PDF

After changing the file type, you can click “Save on computer” how to save the document as usual. And your document file will be changed to PDF format as below.


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