How to Convert ARMv7 Android Games to ARMv6

What is ARM?

ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machine is a 32-bit processor architecture that was developed by ARM Limited and is widely used by devices Cell phone, mobile phone like Android.

Perhaps there are still some of the readers who still own Android ARMv6, for those of you who are still using Android ARMv6, they definitely cannot play Games ARMv7. In order to play it we have to convert the game ARMv6 to ARMv7, here is the tutorial.

How to convert Android games

1. Download the libs file (it works to change the APK to run on Android ARMv7).

2. Prepare APK Games who want to be dismantled, how to dismantle it (Decompile) please read the tutorial How to Easily Decompile, Edit, and Recompile Android APK

3. Apk that has been installeddecompile Content like Screenshots underneath. The author uses examples Games LINE jelly

4. Check if there is a folder named armeabi-v7a in the folder “libarmeabi-v7a” and “Assetslibsarmeabi-v7a” it contains the file and which we will later replace the folder and file with the downloaded libs file.

5. Now go to the folder AssetsbinData, there is a file called “Main information” open with notepad

6. Then look at the code, example here for Games LINE jelly is “3.5.6f4”

7. Open the LIBS files folder you downloaded earlier, which has a lot of LIBS files in it, follow the code above

When it is extracted there are folders and files armeabi and armeabi-vfp

8. Return to the main folder, the results of the decompiled LINE Jelly. Now delete 2 folders and files armeabi-v7a Contained indirectory Lib and Asset libraries , then replace it with the armeabi and armeabi-vfp folders and the files you match with the code (the location must be the same).

9. If you have changed everything now, compile, sign and zip according to the tutorial steps in no.2

10. Done and try the game, congratulations, you can play ARMv7 games on ARMv6 devices.

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