How to convert a video to a GIF image without reducing the image quality

GIF images (Graphics exchange format) is an image in .GIF format that can move. Typically, creating a GIF requires a series of images that are stitched together and then turned into an animated movie. Now we can get the video too Convert convert it into a GIF image with the help of the application.

Many providers converter Video to Gif, which can be obtained for free on the Internet in the form of applications or videos Online website but unfortunately the results are not optimal as the image quality is impaired. For this, the author would like a. recommend Online website which can convert a video to a GIF image without reducing the image quality so as not to damage the image.

By using these online tools, we also don’t need to install any applications or software software in Gadgets weather. Here are the steps.

How to convert a video to a GIF image without lowering the image quality

1. Visit the website Online video converter (with a laptop or laptop) Smartphone).

2. Next Upload Video files in .avi / .mp4 / .mkv / .flv format in the “Upload your image that you want to convert to GIF“Select button”Choose file“And select the video you want.

(Video files in .avi format are better and it is highly recommended that the maximum video duration is only 5 seconds and at least 3 seconds so that the .gif image results do not become too large later).

3. If the video is already selected, there is no need to change the settings again. Allow settings to be used Originally. Then select the button “Convert files“.

4. Wait for the process Upload and Convert. Long fasting depending on the connection speed of the Internet provider you are using.

5. Wait for the process again Convert about 5 seconds.

6. If so, the .GIF image will be automatically downloaded directly into the browser application you are using.


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