How To Control Instagram Play Time So You Don’t Get Addicted

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms in almost all parts of the world. How can this application not offer an appearance in the form of videos or photos that we can see on the Instagram homepage. In addition, we can upload moments, either photos or videos, via the Insta-Story function, where the upload can be seen by many people for up to 24 hours. There’s no denying it, Instagram is really turning other application users’ eyes to download it. Based on data statisca.comTo date, more than 1 billion active Instagram users. In addition to this, this application is also included in the 10 ranks of most popular applications by people all over the world.

Instagram features

Currently, Instagram is always developing interesting features that will make users feel at home while they are on Instagram. However, it is unfortunate that many users of this platform fail to maximize the time they use. In fact, psychologists have researched many of the negative effects of Instagram addiction. Not only in health terms, some users of this application often complain because the use of the Instagram data quota is quite wasteful.

From the above impact, Instagram is rapidly innovating in the form of new features to reduce discomfort and the effects of addiction from its users. Specialty Tool activity dashboard one of them. In this function we can see how much time we spend every day surfing Instagram. This tool also displays a bar graph which makes it easy for users to compare the time per day using this application. In addition, this feature also provides a time warning to remind users that the time to use Instagram has expired. The usefulness of this feature is very helpful in controlling Instagram users’ time and besides, it can save spending on the quota we are using.


1. Open the Instagram app

2. Then select the profile menu

3. Click on Tools three lines in the top right corner of the Instagram screen

4. Next, click Menu tab “Your activity”

5. Then click on menu “Setting the daily reminder”

6. Then set the time limit you want to select and click Set Reminder

7. Done and Instagram will issue a warning when the preset time limit has been reached

Hope it’s useful

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