How to connect Samsung Android screen to Mac / PC

SideSync is an official application from Samsung that is used to connect Android devices to PCs / laptops. Apart from the fact that you can view the screen of our Android device on a PC, view incoming message notifications, control / manage all functions on Android devices from a PC and also send files from Android devices to PCs or from PCs to Android or can receive.

Lots of apps reflection to view the screen on the PC, but not as fully as the functions of the SideSync application, and of course this application is free to use.

This tutorial is specially intended for Android users using the Samsung brand.

1. Install the app SideSync on Android and software SideSync on PC / Mac.

2. With both applications installed on your Android device and your PC / Mac, connect your Android device and your PC / Mac via the same WiFi (same network) or via a data / USB cable.

3. Running software SideSync on PC / Mac computers.

4. A SideSync application will appear on the PC / Mac screen. Some of the main menus in software SideSync:

Phone screens: To display the Android screen on the computer.

Folder: Used to send / transfer and receive file data from Android to PC / Mac computer. To receive / retrieve file data from Android to PC, select the file you want to copy to PC – click Send on the menu.

Gallery: To open the gallery directly on our Android on the PC.

Circle Plus: close connections use favourite what we want from the pc.

With the SideSync application, you can simplify control and monitoring Smartphone via 1 PC screen while you are busy with tasks or work on the PC.

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