How to clone apps using the standard functions of Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of the providers Smartphone innovative. Xiaomi equips everyone Smartphone made with a homemade Android interface, namely MIUI.

For you users Smartphone Xiaomi must have known that there are many functions that Android does not have in stock? In this tutorial we are going to discuss one of the most useful features of MIUI, which is the application cloning function.

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to duplicate applications and use them on a smartphone at the same time. Very interesting, isn’t it?

Before following this tutorial, make sure that Smartphone Your Xiaomi is using MIUI 8 or higher (MIUI 9). Below are the steps to clone an app at Smartphone Xiaomi.

1. First go to the “Settings” menu Smartphone your xiaomi.

2. Then scroll down until you see the option “Dual app“. Touch the option.

3. Then a series of applications will appearTo install in Smartphone your xiaomi. To rely on the application, simply slide the slider to the right on the application you want.

4. After that, try to check Home screen Smartphone She. There will be two applications. One is the original app and the other is a clone.

5. The cloned application is highlighted in yellow in the lower left corner of its icon.

Now you can use the same two apps at the same time. It is suitable for cloning applications and games like WhatsApp, Mobile Legends and your other favorite applications.

And one more thing: there are no limits when it comes to cloning apps. During storage Smartphone If you have enough, you can clone all the apps and games you want.

Much luck.

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