How to clear the search history in Windows 10 File Explorer

Since there are many files stored on a PC, it is sometimes difficult to find files that have not been opened for a long time. Sometimes people are too busy looking for files by looking at the folders in memory one by one. This method will certainly take a long time if we really forget the location of the file we are looking for. To prevent such problems, Windows offers a search menu in the file explorer. Using the search menu makes it easier for us to find files because the computer automatically displays files as well keywords what we are looking for.

If we use the search menu a lot, this menu will be saved Keyword yesthat we use when searching for files. The more we use this menu, the more keywords saved in search history. Some users may find it difficult to look into the existing search history. to delete File manager. To clear the search history we just have to go into the settings in the file explorer. In this article the author will share Easy ways to clear search history in File Explorer Windows 10.


1. Find and select the icon File manager which is located in the system tray.

2. After logging in to File manager, Click column seek which is located at the top right of the display File manager.

3. Search toolbar appears automatically after pressing the search field. Next, find and select an option Recent searches.

4. You will find keywords seek what you’re looking for in your search history. Select Clear search history to clear all search history.

5. Menu Last search switches to inactive mode after all search history has been cleared. Complete.

That’s a short article about Easy ways to clear search history in File Explorer Windows 10. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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