How to clean dust from Xiaomi HP speaker

Xiaomi is one of the smartphones that offers high quality speakers. However, listening to music on a Xiaomi mobile phone can be disturbed by the dirty state of the speakers, as they are covered with dust and other small impurities. As a result, the Xiaomi speakers make crackling or no sound at all.

The latest Xiaomi smartphone has now been equipped with the latest feature, namely the self-cleaning speaker. With this function you can remove dust from the Xiaomi HP loudspeaker without having to remove the back cover. You can find this feature on Xiaomi Redmi 8 9, Note 8 Pro 9 Pro Note 10 and above with MIUI 11 12.

How to clean Xiaomi HP speakers

Well, overcoming the broken Xiaomi speaker or the crackling noise with the self-cleaning speaker feature is pretty easy. Here are the steps to clean the speakers on a Xiaomi phone:

  1. As a first step, please open the Settings or Settings menu on your Xiaomi mobile phone.
  2. Open next Additional settings.
  3. Then select menu Loudspeaker cleaning.
  4. Then activate the option Loudspeaker cleaning and wait 30 seconds.
  5. Complete.
Cleaning the Xiaomi Redmi speaker

To maximize cleaning, please increase the speaker volume on your Xiaomi phone. And for speakers that are considered heavily soiled, you can repeat the speaker cleaning step several times, which is 2 to 5 times according to the recommended usage.

While you are waiting for the speaker cleaning process, you can also tap the speaker or shake the smartphone with the aim of getting dirt like dust, sand out faster. But in cases like Xiaomi speakers that are exposed to water, you need to dry the smartphone with a fan or hair dryer first.

The function of the function is to emit sound with a high amplitude so that the resulting sound waves make it possible to clear the speaker of dust. You certainly don’t have to worry as this speaker cleaning feature is certainly safe and won’t damage the speakers.

Well this is a tutorial on how to easily clean Xiaomi cellphone speakers without opening the back cover. This feature allows you to keep the speakers in good condition to keep them clean and avoid the problem of crackling and small noises until the sound breaks.

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