How to check the loading speed of blogs / websites

speed Loading a slow blog / website can make it difficult for visitors to open pages on a blog / website.

website with Loading the old one can irritate visitors and the worst option is to get visitors to cancel their visit. On the other hand, with quick access to blogs / sites, visitors feel comfortable and can find the information they need right away.

Generally speed Loading Blog / site can be viewed from Loading symbol which is still spinning when the site is accessed and the appearance of the site that was not displayed means the site is still under construction Loading.

However, to find out how fast your blog / website will get your blog / website by counting numbers, we can check or find out several types Tools, one of them is to be used Web online tools, here is how:

1. Open the page https://tools.pingdom.comThen just enter the url of your blog / site, then determine the test location, then click Start test. You will then receive the result of the exam.

2. After clicking Start test wait a few seconds.

3. After that, the results will be displayed as follows. to Value over 75 It’s nothing, but try to increase your blog / site speed to 80 so that your site can get users to your site really quickly.

If the website speed isn’t reaching this number then you need to fix it and take steps to speed up the website loading as suggested on Performance insights.

reason Loading slowly include:

  • Too many widgets in blog view
  • Unresponsive template
  • Too much blog capacity (videos, images)
  • Too much and too long HTML
  • No more quota hehe

This is a handy way to check the loading speed of your blog or blog website.

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