How to check the license type in Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system created and developed by Microsoft company has 4 types of versions of Windows 10, namely Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education. In addition to the different types of Windows 10 operating system, there are also 3 differences that are not too noticeable but very meaningful if we know the 3 types of differences, namely the type of Windows 10 license used, 3 types of Windows 10 license, among others.

retail trade : Another name for this type of license is Fully packaged product (FPP), you usually get this license when you buy a laptop / pc from a retail store or online store that has become an ambassador / official seller of the laptop / pc brand. The good thing about this license is that you can transfer it to another laptop / PC.

OEM : Has a long Original equipment manufacturer whereby this license is a direct license from the manufacturer of the laptop / PC, in contrast to the retail trade, where this license cannot be transferred to another laptop / PC.

volume : As the name suggests, this license is a temporary license with a grace period of usually 6 months. This license is typically used by stores / businesses that have many Windows 10 laptops / PCs that need to be licensed at the same time.

Which of the three license types above do you own? If you don’t know what type of license your laptop has, you can follow the tutorial below.


1. You open CMD by Execute as administrator via the search field in the start menu.

2. Then in the app CMD, you enter a keyword slmgr -dlv and press Enter in Keyboards.

3. Wait a few seconds and a new screen will appear with the license type you are using, see section Product key channel describes your license type there.

4. Done.

So many tutorials on how to check license type in Windows 10, hopefully it’s useful.

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