How to check the empty seats in CGV cinemas online

Cinemas have been getting crowded lately as there are many films in 2022 that have been eagerly awaited by fans, such as Avengers: Infinity War, which was expected from 2022, then there is AntMan and the Wasp, which is for the Infinity War film, not just action films, the long-defunct cartoon The Incredibles became the first cartoon with a very rapid audience growth on the first day, so there are several cinemas opening 3. use theatre only for 1 movie only.

But despite the crowd in the cinema, it turns out that there are also people who are far away just to see the film they want without knowing that all seats are sold out from morning to night, and of course we don’t That shouldn’t happen to us. , so it is recommended for those of you who want to watch films in the cinema to make sure that there are still free places for you, here is the tutorial.

How to check the empty seats in CGV cinemas online

1. Download the app CGV ID which you can get from the Play Store.

2. Then open the installed CGV ID application.

3rd Tap At tab movie theater then search for the location of the CGV / cinema you want to visit, then Tap on button Schedule.

4. Wait for the process Loading, it will appear as shown below, you choose the time you want to check whether it is empty or not with Tap at available times / times.

5. Wait for the process again Loadingthen you will see a display like the following.


Color white = seat is still empty.

Black = seat is already occupied.

Complete. you can do booking directly on the CGV-ID application, provided you have registered an account and have a credit / debit card to pay, the money that was paid to pay booking can no longer be taken.

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