How to check the cheapest Gojek and get tariffs on Android

Are you someone who enjoys traveling by online transportation? If you are one of those people who enjoys using online transportation services, it is a good idea to try the following tips to compare the online transportation tariffs you use.

Online motorcycle taxis or other online modes of transport are now available in almost all regions of Indonesia. In addition to the increasingly sophisticated technology, the transport sector does not want to be left by the wayside. Besides being relatively inexpensive, the simplicity and convenience of ordering transportation online makes many people enjoy using this mode of transportation.

When it comes to convenience, for the loyal users of online transportation, the author has a tip on how to order online transportation without opening the application on the website Smartphone.

You can also compare tariffs for existing online transports. So it could be said that this method is a little more profitable for those of you looking for the best rates. Check out how to check the cheapest Gojek and Grab tariffs on Android below.


1. Open the Google Maps application on the Smartphone Make sure you update it to the latest version. Next Tap menu BEGINNING that’s in the lower right corner.

2. Determine the point where you are with Tap pillar Your location, then you can point the pin to where you are on the map.

3. Select your destination or destination with Tap menu Choose a destination, do the same with step in number 2.

4. Slide the transport symbol to the back corner or the symbol of the person carrying a bag. Well, the existing online transport is automatically displayed and you can compare the tariffs of existing online transport service providers.

This is the tutorial on how to check the cheapest Gojek and Grab tariffs on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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