How to check the auto battery shutdown feature on a laptop

2021 and later laptops already have, on average, a feature called Auto Cut-Off for ASUS and Trickle Charge for Acer, but since most and the best known are from Asus, we call it Auto Cut-Off. The function of this feature is to prevent battery leakage by diverting power directly from the battery to the laptop when your laptop’s battery is 100% charged.

This feature is usually installed on gaming laptops because they consume more power and use laptops for a long time, so users need to use charge Laptop continuously, in order to avoid battery leakage, an auto cut-off function has been developed. Here is a tutorial on how to check if your laptop has the auto cut-off feature or not.


1. First download the app Battery care

2. When you have downloaded, install the application.

3. If it is already installed, make sure your laptop is in good condition before opening the application Charge and the battery is 100%, if not then charge First.

4. If your laptop battery is 100% and in good condition Charge, open the application.

5. Click on Menu Exact information and check the information Charge / discharge ratewhen the result 0 W Then your laptop has an automatic shutdown function.

6. Done.


Intention of Charge / discharge rate is the current flow that flows into the battery when the value is 0 the current flows directly to your laptop, if the value is negative then the laptop is drawing current from the battery and is not in a current state. charge, and if the value is positive or greater than 0, it means in a state charge in general.

Note: This application not only knows if the auto power off feature is available on your laptop or not, it can also provide information about the hardware you are using or the type of battery you are using.

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