How to check the authenticity of photos or images on a laptop / PC

There is a lot of news these days Hoax that appear frequently on the internet, especially on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Before you believe the picture is real or False positives, It’s better you try the image right away using a third-party application called. to check whether it has been edited or whether it is original jpegsnoopThis application has a system checked by an editor application such as Photoshop and Applications through each line of special code placed in JPEG format images and searching for special codes compressor Images like cesium.

You can also use this application to find out important information from the image, such as: B. with which tool the picture was taken, on whose computer the picture was changed and with which application the picture was edited or maybe in compress, here is the tutorial.


1. Download the application named. and open it first jpegsnoop

2. Then you click on the menu Files – Open picture.

3. Then find the photo or picture you want to use.

4th Scroll all the way down or until the end of the valuation, You will receive brief information as to whether this picture has been edited or not, for example like the picture below.

Image has been edited

Image not edited

This is a tutorial on how to check the authenticity of a photo or picture on a laptop / PC. Hope it’s useful.

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