How to check original or counterfeit Xiaomi phones

The name xiaomi has been on the rise in recent years. Offer Gahar specs at a low price, Smartphone Xiaomi is very much loved by college and university students. Amid its popularity, there are many Xiaomi smartphones sold in the market with official guarantees, usually with a TAM guarantee, some have a dealer guarantee.

Quite often there are people trying to make a profit selling replica smartphones. Previously there was a problem that said about Smartphone Samsung and iPhone are freely sold in the market. But what about Xiaomi? Are there fake Xiaomi phones freely sold in the market?

As smart buyer Of course, we don’t want to buy counterfeit phones. So that you are not mistaken, it is better to take a look Smartphone Your xiaomi in the following way.

How to check the original or fake Xiaomi HP

1. Go to the website A barcode and a link to download the application will appear on this page antifake.apk . To download it, click on the text “Download the app“Under the barcode image. If the download from HP fails, you can download it using a laptop or PC and then transfer it to your mobile phone.

2. Install the app Mi verification or antifake.apk, wait for it to finish.

3. Open the Mi Verification app. Before starting the scan, make sure you have the site open on Smartphone others you or friends have, it can also be on your laptop or PC. when is it, Tap Stud “Scan and review

4. Point the camera directly at the barcode. Make sure the lighting is bright enough for the barcode to be read. Wait for the process to finish.

When you’re done, your smartphone will look like this:

Also check out the look of the website on your smartphone or laptop. If it’s green, your Xiaomi phone is original.

This is the tutorial on how to check the original or fake Xiaomi phone. Hope it’s useful.

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