How to check Linux VPS server performance on Android

It’s all over now Cell phone, mobile phoneTo carry out all activities related to technology, we can access them more easily and simple use Smartphone we have where and when we want. Including me-remote control a server computer that we can use Smartphone and also server performance monitoring that we can use Smartphone weather.

For an easy way to find out / monitoring the performance of the VPS server that we use via Android gadgets. We can use the help of an application called the JuiceSSH Performance Plugin. Since this is a plugin, we need to install the application first JuiceSSH – SSH client.

Here’s how:

1. To install use JuiceSSH – SSH client.

2. Install the app JuiceSSH performance plugin.

3. Run JuiceSSH – SSH Client, then the settings First configure the connection to your server. For a tutorial on setting up Juice SSH, see the tutorial below: Easy way to remote Linux VPS server on Android.

4. If you already have the settings JuiceSSH will then run the app correctly JuiceSSH performance plugin.

How to check the Linux VPS server performance on Android 6

5. Done.


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