How to check if the condition of the Xiaomi Android hardware is still good or not

For friends who want to buy Smartphone used Android (second) definitely important to check the state of health Smartphone that. Starting with the external physical, hardware up to the performance Smartphone that. In fact, Android already has a function to check the status of the Smartphone that. Examples like Android xiaomi.

If you are interested in buying a used Xiaomi Android smartphone, be sure to check its condition hardware such as sensors, touchscreens, speakers, etc., functions are available to check the status of Xiaomi’s Android. Here is an easy way to check if the Xiaomi Android hardware is still good or not:

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1. Open or log in Settings (Settings).

2. Select menu About the phone (About the phone).

3. Scroll go down and look for posts Kernel version, and Tap So much 4th Time. Every time in Tap A number will appear indicating how often the test menu is called up.

4. After tapping the kernel version four times, a list menu appears. The total number of tests available depends on the specifications Smartphone that. On the smartphone used in this tutorial, there are 36 tests by Software, color, touch, speaker to the sensors.

It is recommended that you start testing from the beginning for more complete information about the condition Smartphone The Xiaomi Android.

5. If the test is successful and no problems are found, select OK to automatically proceed to the next test. However, if there is an error in the test you are running, select Failure and the test will automatically stop and return to the initial screen.

These are the simple steps to find out the health of the hardware or machine on your computer Smartphone xiaomi android. For those of you who are looking to buy a used xiaomi android at this point, no longer need to be confused and fearful because that is the way to find out the condition Smartphone Android you want to buy. Hopefully this tutorial is useful and helpful.

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