How to check hoax posts via WhatsApp

Hoax is news or information that contains lies or is inconsistent with the facts. In the big dictionary you have, which is the KBBI, hoaxes are fake news. Even if you all know what hoaks are, the discussion about these hoaxes is still interesting. In fact, many theses discuss hoaxes.

Yes, it is certain that various ways of avoiding hoaxes are discussed in this paper. From the literature that the authors have read, some of them have even created a special system to avoid hoaxes. This method is a quick and accurate way to find out whether or not a news item is a hoax.

Avoiding hoaxes based on their properties alone may be wrong. For example, they say that the characteristics of hoaxes are that they are spread through social media, contain messages that cause panic, calls for spread, and so on. Sometimes the news can be real.


The problem of hoaxes has become a serious problem for the world. In addition to being able to mislead people, hoax can also be a powerful political tool. In Indonesia itself there is an organization that is tasked with eliminating false reports. One of these organizations is Maindo.

The Indonesian Anti-Defamation Society is Organization of civil society which was founded in 2022 and is specifically involved in the elimination of hoaxes. This organization has even worked with the Indonesian National Police Headquarters, Ministry of Communication and Information, National Police Department, Bawaslu, RRI, TVRI, Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčKreasi and others.

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Maindo has provided an easy way for you to identify hoaxes, one of which is from website But did you know that Maindo also offers other options that are even better according to the author? friendly because you can check through Whatsapp Direct.

Chatbot Maindo WhatsApp

Chatbot Mafindo is Mafindo’s official number responsible for providing hoax messaging services. To use this service you need to save your number Whatsapp She. number Whatsapp they are 0859-2160-0500.


1. Save the previous number and give it a name Chatbot Maindo or to your liking

How to check hoax posts on WhatsApp

2. After the number has been saved successfully, try entering a message, e.g. B. “Hi”. So Chatbot Maindo will automatically provide a reply message using the menu available. There are 5 menus to choose from, namely:

  • check Hoax
  • Check the latest facts
  • Tips & tricks for fighting Hoax
  • about us
  • privacy

How to check hoax posts on WhatsApp

3. If you want to check hoax messages or not, choose the first option. Chatbot it responds with an input command keywords specific messages that you want to review.

How to check hoax posts on WhatsApp

4. This is where the author will come in keywords Mask robberies and if not used they are fined 250,000. Chatbot shows the results based on keywords which inentryto the right. Chatbot shows 5 results based on keywords the.

How to check hoax posts on WhatsApp

5. This is an easy way to check if there is a message or not.


Internet is a technology that has become an obligation for many people today. Simple information is becoming a matter of course nowadays. However, the simplicity of such information must go hand in hand with the ability to sort out information. Because a lot of information is scattered, but wrong or falsified. But take it easy Internet has also provided media for filtering hoax messages. One of them is Chatbot made by Maindo.

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