How to check hard drive / SSD speed on laptops and PCs

Hard drive is a piece of hardware that is widely used on devices that require storage media such as computers, laptops, playstations, XBOX and other devices. There are several types of hard drives, and the most noticeable one is the type of data port used. There are hard drives that use SATA, ATA, SCSI connectors, and others.

In addition to hard drives, there is also another storage medium called SSD or Solid State Drive, the difference between these two types of storage media is in terms of components and performance, hard drives tend to have slow speeds and have mechanical components, so they are very easy to damage if for example bumped very hard, very different from the ssd which has a very high speed and components which are very safe when bumped.

Although the hard drive has a slow speed, there are actually hard drives that are at least 1/4 the speed of the SSD hard drive, but you need to use a special application to find out the speed, here the tutorial.


1. You visit the website CrystalDiskMark To download the application to be used, click the button CrystalDiskMark Standard Edition to start the download.

2. When the application has downloaded, install the application as normal.

3. You open the app CrystalDiskMark and select which hard drive you want to check the speed, then click the button All to start processing the disk speed check.

4. The process becomes quite long if you click the button, for example All, you can also select one of the services from the 4 tests above, here is an example of the results for checking first choice.

5. Done.

Note: Make sure you have at least 10GB empty partition on your hard drive partition to prevent unwanted things from happening, as the process of verifying the speed of this hard drive is like copying and pasting a 5GB file (you you can find information about the size in step three on the right side button All).

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